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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) at Beverly Hills Face and Body Specialists with Dr. Alain Polynice: A Detailed Overview

Introduction to Brazilian Butt Lifts:

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure designed to enhance the contour and shape of the buttocks by using a patient’s fat. A BBL Lite is the same concept but for patients who desire a more natural appearance. These results will yield a fuller or volumized look. Dr. Alain Polynice, a distinguished Breast and Body Specialist at Beverly Hills Face and Body Specialists, specializes in performing this transformative procedure.  

Initial Consultation:

The first step is an initial consultation at Beverly Hills Face and Body Specialists with Dr. Alain Polylnice. During this comprehensive meeting, Dr. Polynice assesses the patient’s anatomy, discusses their aesthetic goals, and determines their candidacy for a Brazilian Butt Lift. This personalized consultation allows for a thorough understanding of the patient’s unique needs.

Patient Candidacy: Brief Overview 

Ideal potential patients for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) are patients who:

  • Desire a fuller, shapelier buttock contour.
  • Have sufficient donor fat from the abdomen, flanks, or thighs.
  • Are in good overall health.

Customized Treatment Plan:

Based on the consultation, Dr. Polynice will create a personalized treatment plan. This plan involves a combination of liposuction to harvest excess fat from donor areas and strategically inject this fat into specific desired areas.

 Liposuction Harvesting:

The first step involves liposuction to harvest excess fat from areas with surplus fat deposits, such as the abdomen, flanks, or thighs. Dr. Alain Polynice employs advanced liposuction techniques to ensure the safe and precise extraction of fat cells.

Fat Purification:

The harvested fat is purified to separate impurities, damaged cells, and excess fluids. This ensures that only healthy and viable fat cells are used for the buttock augmentation.

Injection into Buttocks:

Dr. Polynice strategically injects the purified fat into specific areas of the buttocks, meticulously sculpting and enhancing the natural curves. The injection technique is crucial for achieving symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing results.

Achieving Ideal Contours:

Throughout the procedure, Dr. Alain Polynice focuses on achieving ideal contours that complement the patient’s overall body shape. The goal is to create a lifted, youthful, and naturally proportioned appearance.

Natural-Looking Results:

As a Breast and Body Specialist, Dr. Polynice prioritizes natural-looking results. By customizing each Brazilian Butt Lift to the patient’s individual anatomy and aesthetic preferences, he ensures that the enhanced buttocks seamlessly blend with the rest of the body.

Anesthesia and Comfort:

General anesthesia is used for the patient’s comfort. Dr. Polynice and his team at Beverly Hills Face and Body Specialists prioritize safety throughout the surgery.

Postoperative Recovery:

Following the Brazilian Butt Lift, patients are monitored in the recovery area. Dr. Alain Polynice provides postoperative care instructions, including guidelines for sitting and sleeping, to optimize the healing process.

Follow-up and Aftercare:

Our concierge team will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the patient’s recovery and address concerns. Dr. Polynice and his team offer ongoing support for optimal results and a positive overall experience.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For The Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL) Procedure?

Determining the ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) with Dr. Alain Polynice, a Breast and Body Specialist at Beverly Hills Face and Body Specialists, involves a thorough assessment of various factors. An ideal candidate typically possesses specific characteristics contributing to a safe and successful procedure. Here are the key considerations:

1. Desired Buttock Enhancement:
Ideal candidates for a BBL have a desire for buttock enhancement, seeking a fuller, lifted, and more shapely appearance. They are motivated to improve the proportions and contours of their buttocks.

2. Sufficient Fat Reserves:
Candidates should have sufficient fat reserves in donor areas, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, or other areas with excess fat. This fat is harvested through liposuction and used for buttock augmentation.

3. Good Overall Health:
Patients must be in good health to undergo surgery safely. Dr. Alain Polynice evaluates medical history and conducts a physical examination to ensure no underlying health concerns could increase the risk of complications.

4. Realistic Expectations:
Ideal candidates have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the BBL. They understand the procedure’s limitations and will collaborate with Dr. Polynice to achieve results that align with their aesthetic goals.

5. Stable Weight:
Candidates should maintain a stable weight as fluctuations in weight can impact the longevity and consistency of results. Significant weight changes after the BBL may affect the fat graft survival and the overall appearance of the buttocks.

6. No Contraindications for Surgery:
Candidates should not have any contraindications for surgery, such as uncontrolled medical conditions or factors that may pose risks during the procedure. Dr. Polynice carefully evaluates each candidate’s health status to ensure they are suitable for surgery.

7. Skin Elasticity:
Good skin elasticity is beneficial for achieving optimal results. Candidates with good skin tone will experience better contouring outcomes. Dr. Alain Polynice assesses skin quality during the consultation.

8. Nonsmokers or Willing to Quit Smoking:
Smoking can negatively impact the healing process. Ideal candidates are nonsmokers. Or they are willing to quit smoking/vaping for a period before and after the surgery to minimize risks. Nicotine dramatically affects the healing process, which is why it is highly recommended to follow directions closely.

9. Commitment to Recovery and Aftercare:
Candidates should follow postoperative care instructions provided by Dr. Polynice and his team. This includes adherence to restrictions on sitting and sleeping positions during the initial recovery period.

10. Emotional Well-being:
Emotional well-being is an important consideration. Candidates should undergo the procedure for personal reasons and be mentally prepared for the physical and emotional changes associated with the BBL.

11. Communication and Collaboration:
Effective communication and collaboration between the candidate and Dr. Alain Polynice are crucial. Candidates should openly discuss their goals, concerns, and medical history to ensure a thorough understanding of their individual needs.

12. Pregnancy Considerations:
Candidates who have completed their family planning or are willing to delay pregnancy are ideal candidates. Pregnancy after a BBL may impact the results, and Dr. Polynice discusses timing considerations during the consultation.

13. Realizing the Artistry of Dr. Polynice:
Ideal candidates appreciate the artistry and expertise of Dr. Alain Polynice. They trust his judgment to achieve natural-looking results that harmonize with their body proportions.

14. Consultation and Assessment:
The determination of candidacy begins with a detailed consultation and assessment. Dr. Alain Polynice thoroughly evaluates each candidate’s unique anatomy, medical history, and aesthetic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift, and how does it work?
A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure that enhances buttock shape and size using a patient’s fat. Dr. Alain Polynice performs this procedure by extracting excess fat through liposuction and strategically injecting the fat into the buttock areas to achieve a fuller and lifted appearance.

Am I a possible candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?
Dr. Polynice will assess your candidacy during a Beverly Hills Face and Body Specialist consultation, considering factors such as overall health, fat reserves, and aesthetic goals.

How much fat is needed for a patient’s Brazilian Butt Lift to be successful?
The amount of fat needed will vary, and Dr. Alain Polynice will determine the specific requirements during the consultation. Sufficient fat is harvested from donor areas through liposuction for buttock augmentation.

Can I choose where the fat is harvested from for the Brazilian Butt Lift?
Dr. Polynice works with patients to identify suitable donor areas, including the abdomen, flanks, or thighs. The goal is to achieve a balanced yet harmonious result.

How long will a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure typically take to perform?
The duration varies, but on average, the procedure takes several hours. Dr. Alain Polynice prioritizes precision and artistry for optimal results.

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift a painful procedure?
Discomfort is managed with anesthesia during the procedure. Dr. Polynice and his team prioritize patient comfort, and postoperative pain is addressed with prescribed medications.

What is the recovery process post-Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?
Recovery varies, but patients typically resume light activities within a week. Dr. Alain Polynice provides detailed postoperative care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery, and our concierge staff is here to support you throughout the process.  

When can I sit after a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Dr. Polynice recommends avoiding prolonged sitting for a few weeks post-surgery to optimize fat graft survival. Specific guidelines will be provided during the recovery period.

Will there be visible scars after having a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?
Incisions for liposuction are small, resulting in minimal scarring. Dr. Alain Polynice employs advanced techniques to minimize scarring and promote optimal healing.

Can I combine a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) with other procedures?
Yes, combining procedures like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation is possible. Dr. Polynice will discuss personalized treatment plans during the consultation.

How long until I see the final results of a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Initial results are visible as swelling subsides, with final results becoming more apparent over several weeks. Dr. Alain Polynice schedules follow-up appointments to monitor progress.

Can the fat transferred during a Brazilian Butt Lift be lost over time?
While some fat may be reabsorbed initially, Dr. Polynice aims for long-lasting results. Following postoperative guidelines and maintaining a stable weight can contribute to sustained outcomes.

Can patients exercise after a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?
Light activities can be resumed within a week, but strenuous exercise may need to be postponed for a few weeks. Dr. Alain Polynice provides personalized guidelines based on individual recovery progress.

Can I have a Brazilian Butt Lift if I’m planning to lose weight?
It is advisable to be close to your target weight before the procedure. Dr. Polynice can discuss timing considerations and weight stability during the consultation.

Can I undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift if I have had a previous buttock augmentation with implants?
Revision procedures may be possible, and Dr. Alain Polynice will assess individual cases during the consultation, considering factors like implant type and condition.

How long do the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) typically last?
Results are long-lasting, but factors like weight fluctuations and aging can impact the outcome over time. Dr. Polynice guides maintaining optimal results. Protecting your investment by closely following Dr. Polynice’s directions and that the concierge team will provide is recommended.

Are there risks associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Like any surgery, there are potential risks. Dr. Alain Polynice thoroughly discusses these risks during the consultation, ensuring patients are well-informed.

Can I wear regular clothing after a Brazilian Butt Lift, or are special garments needed?
Dr. Polynice recommends wearing compression garments to support the newly contoured areas and minimize swelling. Specific garment instructions will be provided.

Can I sunbathe/tan after a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Sun exposure should be limited during the initial recovery period. Dr. Alain Polynice provides instructions on sun protection and gradually resuming normal activities.

Can I have a Brazilian Butt Lift if I have a history of medical conditions or surgeries?
Dr. Polynice assesses each candidate’s medical history individually. Certain conditions or surgeries may impact candidacy, and a thorough evaluation is conducted during the consultation.

Can I choose the specific shape I want for my buttocks during a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Dr. Alain Polynice works closely with patients to understand their desired outcomes. While individual anatomy influences results, patient input is considered in achieving the desired shape.

Can a Brazilian Butt Lift correct asymmetry in the buttocks?
Dr. Polynice can address asymmetry during the BBL procedure by strategically injecting fat to create a more balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Can I have a Brazilian Butt Lift if I’ve had liposuction in the past?
Past liposuction may impact the availability of donor fat. Dr. Alain Polynice assesses each case individually during the consultation to determine candidacy.

Is it possible to have a Brazilian Butt Lift if I have a desk job that requires sitting for long hours?
Dr. Polynice provides guidelines for gradually reintroducing sitting after the initial recovery period. He discusses individual considerations, including job requirements, during the consultation

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